August - 2007

A Tale of Two Totos
In this article, Brian Garner, quickly covers the construction details and goes on to the fun he and Dawn are having paddling their two Totos in the UK.

Ben Stone wanted a fishing boat and a sliding seat rowboat too. What did he do? He modified David Nichols' Flyfisher to accept a Piantedosi RowWing.

First Nuthatch
It has to be a red letter day when someone builds one of your designs. Warren Messer sure seems happy that Richard has built one of his Nuthatch Prams.

A Dutch Toto
After building several other boats, Hilco van den Berg decided it was time for a canoe. So he built one of Jim Michalak's little 'Toto' double paddle canoes.

TruantSea Mods
Just about everyone makes a few changes to boat plans but Grahame Harris not only made the changes to his Welsford Truant, he documented them for us.

Micro Yacht
You may have seen one of those tiny one-man yachts sailing on television and thought you would like to make one. That is exactly what Andy McGarrity did.

Indian Girl Update
I have long admired David Nichol's Lutra series boats and recently built one (more on that later). For now, here is Richard Honan's Indian Girl project update.

How To

Construction of Rudders and Daggerboards
Here is another take on making foil section rudders and daggerboards. Bernd Kohler is a very experienced designer and builder who knows what he is doing.

Lapstrake Clamps
We build boats for fun, right? Larry Pullon seems to be having more fun than most boat builders. He even makes it sound funny when he nails a finger.

The Dacron/Xynole/Epoxy Matrix
In his efforts to perfect the skin-on-frame kayak, Ross Miller has tried a number of different skin materials but he thinks a combination of Dacron and Xynole is best.


A Trip to Pittsburgh
Like any big city with a body of water, Pittsburgh has quite a variety of boats. Sometimes you have to be a tourist like Peter Vanderwaart was to see them.

Sailing the Goat Island Skiff
It's been more than a few years since Michael Storer designed the Goat Island Skiff - enough time to know that this boat will be built for many years to come.


The Center For Wooden Boats Festival Boatshow
As much as we would like to, we can't go to every boat show and festival. Fortunately, nice folks like Pete Leenhouts send us reports like this one.


An Encounter with Lightning
Alan Glos tells what he did when he was caught in a sailboat during a thunderstorm and you can vote whether or not you agree with his choice of action.

What Do You Do When the Tide is Out?
Recycling is something everyone thinks about these days. Captain Ron has a great project for you - if you will excuse his pun - including easy build instructions.

A Little Adventure
Many of us build boats so that we can weekend adventures on the water. Ross Lillistone knows that these are what keep us going all through the week.

A windling Reverend. Cup yawning,, Stan’s three brothers and a gathering of schooners
Here is another model boat column by Mark Steele. The title of the column says it all.

The Foolscap Americas Paper Plate Yachting Challenge
Ever since the America's Cup went to New Zealand, the Kiwis have been making one big party out of it.

Wheel Steering - Part 2
After last month's discussion of alternatives to wheel steering, Rob Rohde-Szudy gets down to building a vertical wheel steering rig for his Light Schooner.


Building the PUD-g - Part 2
Anyone who is looking for a small but pretty row/sail boat - perhaps to use as a tender - needs to consider building Warren Messer's latest design, PUD-g.

Stickleback on Steroids
Bob Austin designed a 22 foot sailboat - then he went on to put his time and money where is mouth is by building this lovely boat. Here is his account.

One-Sheet Baby Canoe Part 2
Last Month Gaetan Jette told us how he designed his one sheet plywood canoe. This time he begins construction and takes the boat completely 3-D.


Makita BO3700 Review
Tord Eriksson went to replace his old Bosh sander with a Black & Decker he had seen but none were to be found. He ended up with a Makita and seems to like it.