May - 2007

Building Harmonica - Part 4
In this installment begins with Bill Nolen installing bottom skids and goes through turning the boat over and priming and painting the bottom.

A Chesapeake Bay Crabbing Skiff
This boat has been a long time coming for Kevin Brennan but given the beauty of the craft and the suitability to his use, that is understandable.

Hot Chili Launched!
It has been four years since Jeff Gilbert designed his iconoclastic asymmetric catamaran, Hot Chili, and finally Hugh Miller has built and launched one!

Building a D4 Dinghy
Pat Johnson's admonition that building a boat "has proven to be a way to have fun boating without having to take out a second mortgage" says it all.

A Toto and A Baby Raven
Patrick wanted a fast, sleek, stable kayak to take him to those special fishing spots. Naturally his dad, Mike Gill, helped him build a Jim Michalak Toto.

Refitting a Derelict
Have you ever wanted to take a production sailboat and "fix" it? Bob Means is doing just that with an old hull he got. You will not recognize the finished boat.

Inflatable Sailboats
Basri Acar sent a some pictures of various boat building projects of his. He does not speak a lot of English, but you will enjoy the photographs.

Of Sweat and Sanding Dust
In this article, Steve Lansdowne describes building a strip planked Wee Lassie. Pay attention because as you will see, Steve is a real craftsman.

How To

How To Make A BHSB
In this article you learn that BHSB stands for "Big Honkin' Sandin' Block" and Erin Scott shows exactly how to make one. You may want two or three.


OZ PDRacer Speed Record
What do you do when you have taken your new boat to a major show and there is too much wind for anyone to sail? Michael Storer set a new record.

Dive, Dive, Dive!
Not too many boat builders choose to write about a boat trip that ends with the boat swamped and the builder soaked. Fortunately for us Larry Pullon does!


A Proa Perspective - Matters of Balance
Here is Skip Johnson's version of our Everglades Challenge attempt. He does a great job of describing proas in general and what was wrong with the P52.


Fitting a Sailboat with an Outboard Motor
This month Max Wawrzyniak has some advise for sailboaters, namely how to mount an outboard. And it doesn't even have to be an obsolete motor.

Framing the Grandy Skiffs
Here is another installment of Pete Leenhouts' series of reports from the Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building. This is almost as good as being enrolled!

My Ship Has Come In
What does an old-fashioned record player have to do with sailing? Give Captain Ron a minute and he will explain how friends, music and sailing are connected.

A New Launching
6 Metre Whaler is one of John Welsford's loveliest designs but a bit more difficult to build. So it is a big deal when one gets built and launched.

From the small world of the Footy to Gucci’s beautiful schooner Creole and other model yachts, to boats of battle.
The title of Mark Steele's column says it all.

A New Launching
6 Metre Whaler is one of John Welsford's loveliest designs but a bit more difficult to build. So it is a big deal when one gets built and launched.

Motor Well Modifications – Part 1
Rob Rohde-Szudy has a Bolger Light Schooner that he built to plans. The problem is he does not like the motor well. In this article he outlines the problem.


Building the HSP Flycaster - Part 3
This is the final installment of Warren Messer's latest design build. Of particular interest is information about some new LPU coatings from System Three.

Lake Camp Shanty
You may not think Aluminum a proper material for boat building but it has a lot going for it. Harold Duffield is back with more designs for Aluminum boats.


The Fishing Boats of India
Joel Fleischer traveled to India and observed some of the fishermen there after the Tsunami. That world is so different from ours, it might as well be Mars.


Book Review: Down The Mississippi -
This may not be the kind of book you would expect Rob Rohde-Szudy to read, much less review, but we are glad he decided to do both.


Life's Privileged Throne
Here is a poem that Michael Birch was inspired to write as he and his daughter were surveying the Scottish coast looking for safe coves and beaches.