EC 2010 - Part One
"And so it was. But fortunately – unlike launching – doing the entire 300 miles of the annual WaterTribe Everglades Challenge solo was not significantly harder that doing it with a crew."

Canoe - William Henry Harrison
This design is an experimental takeoff of the Quick Canoe 155. You won't believe what Eli and his dog does with it.

Mark Steele’s Model Yacht Column
Mark Steele writes on model yachts and model yachting.

  • June Splash

  • Kids Kayaks
    Two great kid kayaks of Luis' own design. This article is complete with advice on tools, materials and building instructions.

    The Ollie Punt ...and other Half-Sheet Boats - Pt 1
    There are a number of sites on the internet and articles devoted to the one sheet boat. Ian has fun with some of the designs.

    The Mangrove Jack 3.65 - Part Two
    "After the first month, the hull has been glued, turned over, and the internal joins glued and filleted, the seat boxes have been fabricated and floors cut and all panels pre-cut".

    Scenes From the Dink
    Steve's back West after yet another epic road trip. He shows us some great shots from last winter on the West Coast of Florida.

    The Picton Castle
    Paul's son Clark is going on a trip of a lifetime on a tall ship called the Picton Castle. Paul tell us about it and how to follow the progress of the ship.

    The Boat Shower
    This idea is a gem. A simple boat shower for a quick cleanup. And, there is a solar version as well.

    The Mangrove Jack 3.65 - Part One
    "The answer to me was a V-Nose punt. I considered designing it myself, but lack the expertise. So seeing a couple of articles by Mark Bowdidge, I rang him and discussed my concept". This is the result.

    Rodent 240
    "This started as an exercise to see if I could build a brand new boat very cheaply for my 5 year old son. It ended with a boat that other young sailors love".

    Our Young Navy - Part Two
    Paul looks at the great ships and those who conceptualized, built and designed them. This is part two of the series.

  • June Webwatch

  • Repairing a cross threaded sparkplug hole
    This outboard just had to be saved but it has a stripped spark plug thread. This is no problem with the right tool and a little delicate tinkering. Brian shows us exactly how to do it.

    Ilur -The Sail and Oar Star
    Today we feature a great design by François Vivier called Ilur. It can be used for fishing and even coastal cruising!

    Fifth Annual Fl Gulf Coast Small Craft Festival
    Join Dave at the festival and see some great shots of some great boats. He tell us what each boat is and who owns them. Take a look and enjoy!

    Building Kayleigh - Part Two
    "Outfitting is an ongoing process for any boat. Like an artist doing a painting, at some point you just have to quit. But I never seem to quit on my boats".

    Rechargeable Tool Rehabilitation - Part 1
    Robs talks us through checking batteries in this part one column on rechargeable drills. He gives us all the technical details for the job.

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