Navigator Update
You can't accuse Robbie Powick of rushing through his Navigator project. He is chipping away steadily, though and what he has so far looks great.

Martin's Cat
We had heard rumors that a strange cat would appear at the Lake Powell Messabout and we were not dissappointed. Here is Martin's story:

What happens when you scale an already short 12 foot canoe down to 10 feet? Les Brown knows - and he has a few other tricks up his sleeve.

Building a Michalak Jon jr.
In this article Tim Lehman recounts his experience building Jim Michalak's Jon jr. from constructing a model to the launch in Ft. Wayne Indiana.

Almost There - The Build
The Colorado 100 Race has come and gone but we are just now getting around to posting Skip Johnson's foam strip/glass/kevlar composite building log.

How To

Rudder & Daggerboard Foils
You have heard that your sailboat will perform much better with a NACA section rudder and daggerboard. Warren Messer tells you how to make them.

Confessions of a Lug Nut
Gary Blankenship is a Lug Nut. The good news is that he knows a whole lot about making lugsails in their various forms work and he is willing to share.

The Chinese Lugsail (Junk Rig)
John Tompkins says the Chinese Lugsail is the easiest of sails to make. Fortunately he also gives us some tips based on his years of experience.

Saralee's New Rudder
If you are considering upgrading your rudder to a foil type, read Craig Gleason's article. He just made a new NACA foil rudder for his Stephenson Vacationer.


Regatta for Homebuilt Boats
Messabouts are pretty popular in the States, but are still catching on in Great Britain. Chris Partridge sends us this report from a recent gathering there.


You Ain't Home 'til the Anchor is Dropped in the Harbor
Captain Ron Thweatt explains how his sailing experience helps him deal with the holidays.

Reinstalling the Magneto and Carb
It is a mean trick of me to try to make Max Wawrzyniak's article more exciting with this thumbnail, afterall, there really is good information here.

The Miniature Shipyard and teaching boatbuilding
Anyone who has built 22 boats in 19 years ought to know what he is talking about so if John Welsford says to build a model, that's good enough for me.

The Snotter
Dispite the unsavory name, The Snotter actually serves a useful function. David Nichols gives a little history and a little practical application of Snotters.

Conniving Clive
I can't write poetry but Paul Haynie can. Limericks are poetry aren't they? However you fall on that question, you are going to get a big kick out of this.

A sleeping helmsman, flippin multi-hulls,
island rum and whistling bebacks!

Who knew the world of model boat sailing was so big and interesting? Mark Steele knew all along.

Ethanol in two-stroke outboards
Last month Rob Rohde-Szudy described how to clean up an old two stroke outboard. Now make those modifications even more effective with cleaner fuel.


Morning Paddle
If you had been paddling on the White River on a certain day, you would have seen what Jose Joven saw. You probably weren't but he had a camera.

A Sail with Barrett
Owen Sinclair did not have to travel half-way around the world to sail in a Navigaror, after all, he has one of his own. That is exactly what he did, though.

Rhine Kanuen - Part II
When Brian Anderson took a break from his Mr. Mom and writing jobs, he didn't mess around. He paddled 35 miles down the Rhine River to Cologne, Germany.

Chuggerboat Trip - November 2005
Chuggerboat was inspired by a comment Pat Johnson's dad made about kayaking down the Yukon River while they were fishing the Prudhoe Bay Pipeline Road.


This boat was named for an elderly aunt, and Herb McLeod's new design is indeed a classic. He explains his design parameters and how the boat turned out.

Fusion 14 Sit On Top Canoe
The fastest growing new segment of home built boat designs is Sit On Tops. Here is a great example of an SOT canoe from the board of Chris Ostlind.

Stoa Proa Update
Gary Lepak is a designer/builder who approaches this hobby from a different angle than most. Here is the latest iteration of one of his interesting boats.

More Messer Models
Here is a treat for anyone who likes to make paper models. Warren Messer has put two more of his original designs in PDF form: just print and build.


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