November - 2007

Building Harmonica - Part 7
Bill Nolen's Harmonica project got stalled by some health problems, but he got the boat finished and in the water - even if someone else is using it now.

Mystery Boat
Maybe you can help Pete Chast figure out what this boat is. It is a 12 foot scow similar to a Topper and it has a Topper sail, but may not be it. Take a look.

King Canvasback
Think a skin on frame boat can't be beautiful? Just take a look at the King Canvasback that Jeff Potwin built from common materials. It is a thing of beauty.

Ulua Update
Dan St. Gean gives us an update on his earlier article about building one of Gary Dierking's outrigger canoes. He had good luck following the designers advice.

When and Where...
... are sometimes more important than How. Bob Doyscher should know. He built his Teal in his basement, his library and in his living room.

"The Beachcomber" Reborn
Can you imagine rebuilding a polystyrene foam board-boat? Ronald Goldwyn did just that and in fact, wrote up this step by step description of the process.

Pacific Troller
Any time your first boat comes out as nice as Bob Arnold's did you can be proud of your work. He build a Pacific Troller Gunning Dory by Paul Butler.

How To

Retro Tech Sails
Bob Booth needed a cheap, new sail for a fiberglass Cape Dory 10 he had rebuilt. After much research he decided to make it out of cotton. Here is his story.

Seaworthyness & Trailerable Sailboats
Our Friends at Small Craft Advisor Magazine asked that we post their Seaworthyness test. Gaetan Jette made the test interactive for us. Take it. It's fun!

Foiled Again
All the articles this year about foil sections on rudders and leeboards finally inspired Gary Blankenship to try to improve his Oaracle but with some new twists.


North Carolina Circumnavigation
Steve Earley has been out cruising in his Pathfinder again and taking lots of pictures. We are including a bonus Google Earth view of his track & high points.

North Carolina Cruise Photo Album
If you like great photographs of beautiful boats, you will like these pictures Steve Earley took recently. It is a fine example of what we call "boat porn".

Skin-on-Frame Kayaks on the Mississippi River
Joel Fleischer of Black Dog Kayaks not only built the kayaks that Kayak4AKure used to paddle the entire river, he got to go along for the first stage too.

Cormorant & Vole at Cape Cod
In this vacation pictorial, Garth Battista makes the case that a shallow draft boat like his "Sea Fever" is the ultimate cruiser. He might just be right.


Everglades Challenge 2007
In this story, Noel Davis talks about the Everglades Challenge as he saw it and he tells it in his own clever and humorous style. It's definitely worth a read.


Of Todd’s two Mariah’s, a Mad Hatters Starlet Day, Bawley John, and Mark’s magnificent Victory
In Where the Winds Blow this month, Mark Steele includes info on several models and their builders.

Motorwell Modifications - Part 3
This is the third of four installments from Rob Rohde-Szudy in which he tells how he modified the motor well on his Phil Bolger designed Light Schooner.


i550 Sportboat
Do you want a go-fast boat but don't have much of a budget? This hot number by designer Christopher Beckwith was conceived just for the home builder.

Building the 10 ft Nuthatch - Part 2
This is the second part of Warren Messer's series on building this simple stitch and glue pram. In it he talks about how to do a nice job on rails and corners.

EasyB - a Solo Canoe
Skip Johnson was really happy with the way his EasyB solo canoe came out so I asked him if he could make free plans available to Duckworks readers. He did.

McInnis Boat
Here is new plan by designer Matt Langerfeld for a traditional hunting and fishing boat - a la Walter McInnis - but done using the stitch and glue method.

Dinghy Fever
The San Francisco Bay Pelican has a long and colorful history, but "the ugliest boat afloat"? Jill Brown tells why the boat wears that as a badge of honor.


Wooden Boats, Motorcycles, Noodles and Rice...
Here is a story of a journey to a far off land by an intrepid traveler. Ken Preston decided to photograph every boat in View Nam. The rest is history.


Book Review: A Speck on the Sea - Epic Voyages in the Most Improbable Vessels - by William H. Longyard
Author and Duckworks contributor Brian Anderson takes a close look at a book of high sea adventures.