Builder's Report of the new Seil 18
François Vivier's designs are not yet well known here in the stated, but in Europe, the combination of classic lines and modern construction are. Heijo Alting builds François' Seil 18.

A CLC Oxford Rowing Shell
When you attempt to make an already light boat even lighter, you run several risks. Eric Staggs faced those risks and still ended up with a boat that his wife can launch by herself.

Two Proas at Once
Willi Prenninger is a clever fellow.  You can tell that from the pictures of his boat. But who would use the main hull (vaka) from a small boat as the outrigger (ama) for a larger one?

Lisa B Good
Here is an update on Duane Hedley's Lisa B Good. The design comes from Paul Browne who used to write a regular column for Duckworks. This is the first one I know of being built.

Building Pathfinder - Part 2
In this second part of a series, Perry Burton makes frames, sweats the transom, laminates a centerboard, pours lead and tries to explain to his wife why all this work and no boat.

I Built A Boat That Wouldn't Float
Pat Johnson wanted to build boats and sell them. He did not want to work on someone else's project - especially when that boat was not even intended to float in the first place.


Steam Bending Wood with an Electric Iron
When it comes to learning new ways to accomplish tasks with common household appliances, you can't beat the Internet. Steve Witter did a little web surfing and found a great idea.

Navigation Lights
Not long ago, Sea-Dog came out with new LED navigation lights. We sent Tom Schultz a pair for evaluation. Here is his comprehensive and knowledgeable report.

A Little Electrical System
Sometimes it is hard to decide how complicated the electrical system on your small boat should be. Gary Blankenship has done several and describes here a minimalist approach.


A Sailing Story
If you sail long enough you will see and experience things that you can not explain. Doug Randall had one such mysterious experience on the cold and turblent waters of the Golden Gate.

A Toter Story
On a sunny Arizona day, Ken Simpson set out to test the battery on his Toter take-apart-boat. But he got distracted by the ducks and had a run-in with a potential boat eating rock.


Misfortune for Resolution, a Tortola sloop, bugs and ducks, and 'One for the ready Two for the Go!'
It is not what model sailboaters sail, rather that they do sail that makes the hobby both varied and exciting. Mark Steele

Solid as a Rock That Boat!
Do you dream of building a boat and sailing around the world? Harrold Duffield did. Did he sail around the world? No. Did he realize his dream? Yes. To understand, read his story.

Old Carburetor Tricks
Rob Rohde-Szudy's column this month has three parts. First an interesting history lesson on outboard motors, then a section on repairing them and finally an admonition on your health.


Bosun's Mate 23
When I began to read about Mark Bowdidge's Bosun's Mate 23, my attitude was "Oh, another power boat. But this is open, effecient, big enough for an expedition. Lake Powell anyone?

Not one to rest on his laurels, Ken Simpson has been busy designing and building another of his Toter series of take-apart boats. This one is the largest yet and will row, power or sail.

John Welsford describes this new design as "A small, affordable and exceptionally tough little ocean cruiser. I guess he should know; he sailed the prototype over 500 miles in sea trials.

Lisa B Good
Duane Hedley's story about his Lisa B Good brought to my attention the fact that the free plans for this boat were no longer available. Fortunately Mike Russon helped out.

In his quest for the perfect tender for his sailboat, Robin Benjamin came up with something very clever and different from anything you have seen. It even uses a Mirage drive.

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