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Goat Island Skiff (GIS) - Grahamstown Lake NSW Australia 9 January 2011


Here's a great link for you. It's in two episodes. Lots of boats and humor in this brilliantly done film.


Met up with one of the Goat Island Skiff builders on Lake Macquarie a couple of hours north of here. We did this because the Moth Worlds were on - the first weekend. So we got some videos of the moths from the goat with my non waterproof camera.Complete all up sailing weight is about 50lbs, masts are a stunning 38mm diameter on many of the boats - if a carbon boat is not stunningly light there is something wrong! Make almost no noise - a hiss from the disturbance at the water surface. Before getting on their foils the Goat was about as fast and sometimes pointed higher, but as soon as they were on their foils zzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiippppp. Got some pics of a wooden hulled one too.


More three uuuuuuu men in a boat stuff. If you're interested here's the next in the series.


I am posting at least every second day on this as a building blog, Mike does a weekly recap of what he has done, I send photos and Josh puts up what he wants to use.


I thought this might be of interest.


Skip Johnson has updated the PDF files for his EasyB canoe.


...We were just down the road from my house when he yelled, "did you see that"? No what was it. "A boat or space ship or something, turn around". I spun around, barely missing some chickens and cows and there it was, this thing. Holy cow!!! See what he was excited about. I looked it up on line and here's the site, check it out.

Dave Lucas

Here is a good essay about the Australian Builder's Plate by Mark Bowdidge.


Free Ebook: The U-boat hunters, by James B. Connolly.

Free Ebook: Navy Boys Behind the Big Guns, by Halsey Davidson

Free Plans: Aluminium Canoe

Mike John

Filmed by John Eisenlohr on his ST 49 wing boat, on Canyon Ferry, east of Helena.  Me 'n the Rocket show up about 30 seconds in, behind John, and then again in front of him around 1:30.  Topped 65 mph by days end!
Dave Farmer

To those of you who may be interested I have started a Blog: As several past builders of the Pathfinder have put so much effort into recording their progress I felt obliged to do the same, for what it is worth.

CheerS Roger

So many people have asked to be notified when John Welsford’s new book is out that I started a Yahoo group to announce the arrival. Join and you will get no emails until the day the book is released, then I will send out an single note that the book has arrived. Soon after that, the group will be open to discuss the book. Chuck

Just wanted to share a link to my blog. I finally feel like I'm progressing with the build enough to share something. I will try to have something to post every week. Comments are welcome and encouraged.

Houston, TX

To those that are interested in this sort of thing. at the 50 second I had to literally laugh out loud when I realized that the boat they pass is a Formula 40 cat... Right after that you see an Open 60 Trimaran 'standing still'. To be honest that boat is on a different tack without a job or genoa. Hajo

I'm all about a scow, lots of space and the perfect hull design for the coastal waters of the Gulf Coast.  Check out this link to a pic of La Tortuga.  Of course her name is "The Turtle" so I'm wondering if she was a hog.

John Boy

The world's biggest paddle.

Mike John

Classic styling...

Mike John

Here is a nice clip of an 28' E-Scow sailing fast. I believe the location is Storm Lake, Michigan.

Anders Bjorklund

Averaging almost 100miles/day rowing!


I always wondered how the Vikings navigated in the overcast weather that is common on the Norway-Shetland Is.-Faroe Is.-Iceland-Greenland route. This sounds like it might be the key.


A friend sent me this link about the boats traditionally used to bring Port wine down the Douro River to Porto, Portugal. A nice photo essay on building the boats within their historical and cultural contexts. Hope you enjoy it too.

Matthew A. Meacham

Loon solar-electric boat. With a just-announced deal in place to manufacture the boat at facilities in the city of Rome, New York, full-scale Loon production should finally be commencing within the next few months. Kenneth Grome

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