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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

I just updated my website and thought you might want to check it out: Building the Julie Ann


His father told him he'd starve to death building wooden boats. That was over 50 years ago, and Henry Vokey is still building.


If you want to see the Somalian Pirates We video, and you are NOT on facebook, you can see the original on youtube. NSFW (audio from Southpark after all),

Dave (PDRacer #287 pirate-for-a-moment)

I thought you might be interested in watching this YouTube clip. BTW, this 'kayak' (commercial term for a new type of small watercraft) is just 28.5" wide...


Hope all is well your end. Here's a link to a video I made of Doolittle one sunny day. Feel free to post it if you think your visitors would like it.


Ahoy Chuck

From a wet and windy marina here's a link to a new Stasha video. It really shows the Stasha out in the real world. Great fun. Comments always welcome.

Cheers Benjy

Interesting Paddlewheel Boat


Here is one that Andrew Linn did with my pictures.


Here is an animated 3-D rendering rotated 270 degrees:Animated 3-D Scamp.

Cheers, Luke Seubert
P.S. Yeah - I want one


Hi everyone,

New update to the “Building the Julie Ann” blog. The hull is flipped.

Thought you might enjoy the video put together of the Burning of s/v Laguna Cinco at the end of the 2010 TX 200.

Lezlie Henson
PDRacer "iDuck"

Of course beyond the wallet of most duckworkers, but a piece of art most poeple wil like.

Greetings Hilbert the Netherlands.


This looks interesting, but pricey. I wonder if there's a source for it which could be repackaged into units that would work for rudders, leeboards, daggerboards and whatnot?

Craig O'Donnell

My new shop/shed is about finished. This little video about says it all.


One way to enter a sailing regatta.

Paul Moffitt

Texas200 writeup is finally up.

Andrew Linn

We had a great eight day sail down in Carolina. Had a fun time sailing alongside Paul and Dawn Stewart on their Core Sound 20. I'm posting daily logs on the blog right now, about halfway done at this point. You can find them at....


Last year I completed my Jim Michalak designed Trilars, plans from Duckworks. I took my Trilars out yesterday for a sail and took some video with a flip camera. It's hard to take video that shows the boat while sailing, but in case anyone is interested here's a link. Or HERE.


"Man on the Ocean" by R.M. Ballantyne. [1874]

Mike John

How to Make a Pile Driver Punt

Mike John


How to make a sailing canoe.

Mike John


How to make a concrete boat.

Mike John

This weekend I made a small mod to the mast partner on my Ladybug to enable me to step the mast without having to lift it up above the partner and drop it into place.

Photos and more description are here.


Good article on recognizing people drowning. Stuff I didn't know.

Some of you water nuts may already be up on this, but clearly it's worth a gander.

Gene Lueg

I have a little postscript to the nice Duckworks story about the Ella skiff - Norman Fuller in Norwich has built the first Ella and brought it to an HBBR rally at Barton Turf. You can see the little boat here.

One or two people have suggested that I got the bottom of this little boat just right, which I like to hear. Still, one day no doubt someone will get it even more right... (Making it a vee bottom doesn't count!)

But perhaps even better you can see it being rowed here. I'm pretty pleased, as many of you will realise.


More likelihood of wind than anywhere else in Eastern US in the Dog Days of summer. All boats welcome (not just sailboats).

Paul Helbert

Check out this website for do it yourself solar power projects. quite cool. maybe something to pass the winter months on one of these projects which have a lot of boat applications.


Didn't really help me in any day to day sense, but awesome book! I picked it up since I like to build boats out of wood. But it should be fun and interesting to a lot of people. Did you know that trees only started evolving after the Cambrian period? Horseshoe crabs are earlier on the evolutionary tree than your local pine tree!


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