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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

I thought you might be interested to see this version of our W boat ('kayak' in market terms), outfitted with rowing oars. Dave, the guy who outfitted his W500 with these oars is about 65 years old, and weighs 250 lbs (120 kg) - not the easiest 'client' for a small kayak, or any other micronautical product...


I just built another Michalak style rudder, and tried a couple of different modifications. So far I really like this version better than the previous ones I have tried -- even though it is fairly ugly.


$20,000 / Santa Barbara / will discuss delivery options

Bruce Armstrong

I've also made a silly video but it might be too silly for you. It doesn't really show Stasha properly sailing but it's fun.


I came across this article about a 1912 hydroplane that recently sold in auction in Europe. Your readers may enjoy it.

Jerry Church

SAWSTOP IN TIMEWARP For those of you who use a table saw, you will find this fascinating. You are going to enjoy this one and say ouch!! Watch all of it! If you have never seen "Time Warp," it's a show all about super-duper slow motion cameras capturing things we take for granted and never see as they really are. In this case, they take photos of this guy's new invention. What a combination! Carl

I thought others might enjoy reading it too. Ran across this mast and spar tutorial and thought others might receive benefit from it so I thought I would share it.

Ray Frechette

Great Falls Boat Works
Building Dreams One Boat at a Time

I have started a web blog of my own about 'arwen' and I attach the address. I know that when building my boat reading the successes of others kept me going in those dark hours and frustrations.

Steve Parke
Welsh guy in Plymouth

Videos from PDRacer : Somalian Pirates

[Adult Content]


Plastiki: At sea and bound for Fiji


I am building a Paul Fisher designed Tideway 14. You can see more at:

Dave Amundson
Galveston Bay, Texas

Here's a link to Mike Sandell's FatCat Build (Michalak design).

Pirates terrorize boaters on Texas lake along Mexican border.



Perttu and friend on a river trip in the Quick Canoe in Finland. Here are some pics. placed the seats 19cm+padding from bottom and for us they are perfect now. We just came paddling from River Haapajoki. Well we found that we aren´t pros, but it was fun and canoe was perfect. It was light to carry over obstacles and easy to paddle. We hit once into rock, but there came barely no damage at all. The first video is little over long and you can see that we are novice paddlers in the end. The second video. Perttu

Here is some really "darn good" advise...

Bill Tosh

The Baywood Navy website ( has been updated with some important new materials.

Please visit.

Baywood Navy Scribe

Paul Moffitt posted these very nice pictures from the OBX130.

Jackie Monies

Looks like you had fun out at the OBX!

I've got a new essay up about modifying harbor freight trailers for your web watch page.


I'm in the throes of building my own CS20. I'm keeping a blog on the CS20 build at :

Pete Brigaitis

When making a new boat cushion, one of the most difficult parts is getting the foam inside the mostly completed cover. If you want a tight fit, you can't push it in because of friction.


I was just reading the 70.8 percent blog and discovered that Frank Dye passed away on May 16th, 2010.

His sailing trip from Scotland to Iceland in his Wayfarer that was documented in "Ocean Crossing Wayfarer" was a fantastic trip in a small boat. He and his wife Margaret sailed many thousands of miles in their Wayfarer.

The 70.8 percent blog has some great pictures of him.



My pictures from the OBX130.

Andy Linn

TSCA/CRBB bash video.

William Whalen

I launched it today [Clever Video]. The story of my launch!

James D. Maxwell
Missoula, MT

I just finished building a Pete 6, from Clark Craft, which I see you mention on your plans page.

I also recently finished building a new rudder for my San Juan 21, to replace a 30 lb hunk of teak, aluminum, and fiberglass. I laminated it from WR Cedar with fir edges, glassing the foil (my attempt at a NACA 0012).

Todd Schlemmer

Bill Moffitt's pictures from the OBX130.

I thought you might like to see this photo spread. A friend of mine has fallen in love with a whaleboat. While not particularly home made or wooden, the man still cares for her like he made her himself.

Andrew Linn

G'day Everyone,

We finally have some "OUT ON THE WATER " pictures and video footage of Jeffs Mangrove jack !!!

Mark Bowdidge

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