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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

Rowing and paddling are actually pretty efficient, though, if you want check out what was required for a pedal-powered prop boat to beat a kayak in the 24 hour record. He discusses the history of the record about 1/2 way down the page.

Tim Greiner

I offer a link to my report of last years Three Rivers Race that takes place on the Norfolk Broads, here in the UK.

Greg Chapman
A Boating Biography
Celebrating the SeaHawk!

The event website ( has been updated for 2010, with the details for this year's messabout. One of the more interesting boats last year was a Bolger Bantam, featured on the front page of the website. I hope to see some of your at the messabout.

Bill Paxton

G'day Everyone, Just thought I'd post this thread about how to weigh your boat without going down to the local weighbridge.

Mark Bowdidge, Bowdidge
Marine Designs
. Mark's plans at Duckworks

I've just completed the principal design work on a new, demountable beach trimaran with a distinct, performance oriented potential for two-up sailing.

The new boat is called the Europa 20 and it offers a different take on design and functional aesthetics compared to previous small beach tris.

Chris Ostlind
Lunada Design

You didn't have to go very far to go paddling in the ice last week!


A great video of some Galaway hookers racing.


The march towards a completely renewable, bio-based boat with modern manufacturing techniques took another big step forward yesterday. Canadian boat manufacturer, Campion Marine in Kelowna, B.C., announced that they will be using Ashland Performance Material's Envirez epoxy for all of their boats.

Chris Ostlind

That Trimaran "Earthrace" that broke the record for circumnavigating the globe joined the Sea Shepards and got her bow sliced off buy a whaling ship. They renamed it the Ady Gil and painted it black with the Sea Shepard skull and cross bones on it, looked pretty cool but it's on the bottom now.


A while ago, I went through the Design of a 76sqft Lug Sail.

Well, I just finished my Sewing a 76sqft Lug Sail.


Reality check to share ... wow ..

A Coast Guard C-130 dropped two life rafts for the mariner after the waves destroyed the sailboat's mast.

To those ninny nannies who are against adventurous teenagers.


A 180 knockdown dunking.

They are getting younger going around the world. This time an American girl, Abby Sunderland.

Her Site and her Blog.

Mike John

Here's another good one I saw posted on the Bolger group:




Hmmmm....Seems boat building for blue water cruising could be done with sharp stones and determination back in the real old days .....maybe we are over complicating things nowadays.... Check it out...

Dennis Davis Designs now have a web site which may be of interest to some of your readers. It shows colour, and black & white photographs of a selection of the craft for which plans are available. Hope you can find space to give it a mention.


I came across this on a meander. Hopefully its of interest to someone.


Here is a link to a LOTS of pictures of boats sporting junk rigs.


Trying this again: 2 14ft masts from a 2x10 complete with pics of me f(*&%^ing it up!

Welsford Pathfinder "Gunvor" on Klamath Lake


"THIS IS CANOEING is a 2-disc celebration of canoeing, showcasing top single-blade paddlers in their pursuit of remote wilderness journeys or challenging white water.


Here are photos and comments from my trip to Port Townsend, WA and vicinity.

John Turpin

Just tipped over this reference to a guide book on Trailer Sailor forum.

Noel Nicholls



Fast Proa Sailing at NZ proa Congress.


I have built a few boats using plans sold through Duckworks, and the
results are up on The latest is a Michalak Dockbox. Feel free to take a look.

Chris J

Stave calculator


Reefing a lug sail

Microcruising Enigma Roller 1

Microcruising Enigma Roller 2

Also look at what Tony did based on Matt Laydens rig.

Rick Bedard

I came across this list of provisions for cruising and thought it worth mentioning.

Mike John

There have been a couple of articles on Duckworks lately on converting yachts to power cruisers: Strawlering and "Terminal Trawler". Those considering converting a yacht to a power cruiser will find some good info on yachts here. Most are Australian boats sorry. American boats below...

Mike John

Shorty pen has created a list of yachts which may be useful info if you are considering a yacht to powerboat conversion.

Mike John

Couple weeks ago Chuck sent me a photo CD of Messabout pics, ostensibly to use on the web flyer, and I had such a fun time perusing them I got to thinking about adding a gallery to the web flyer I posted for the Mess-a-Bash. One thought led to another, and it morphed into kind of an "introduction" to what the whole thing is about. Here's the result. The web flyer.


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